Super Luper Kids

Babies' Schedule

7:30-9:00 ~ Babies arrive. Soothing music and aromas will help your baby start their day feeling calm and secure.

9:00-10:00 ~ Breakfast is served for toddlers who are on our USDA approved meal plan, posted in our lobby. Walks in our state of the art BYE BYE BABY Buggy, outside play, swings, etc. Jazzy baby music, finger plays, sensory fun. Old fashion baby fun as in peek-a-boo, nursery songs and rhymes, and books that even babies like!

11:00-12:00 ~ Baby playtime!

12:00-1:00 ~ Lunch and lullabies.

1:00-3:00 ~ Sleepy time, nap time.

3:00-4:00 ~ Snacks/mid-afternoon mini meals, cuddles and more invigorating fun!

4:00-5:00 ~ Babies end each day with playtime fun until parents arrive.

5:30 ~ Close.

Please note: This is a tentative schedule, and will vary to meet the individual needs of each baby.


"It's fun! We have lots of toys. We have great food."
~Noah, Student


"I looked at a lot of schools, before deciding on Super Luper Kids. It just has a good feel. The kids have a great Pre-K program and it's fun. If I were a child this is where I would want to be."
~Shawn, Dad